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Okay, so I was going to upload Thursday night hoops with NBA 2K13 to kick off NBA 2K13 post season (2020 edition). This did not happen due to circumstances beyond my control.

I will be uploading the Eastern quarterfinals starting today. Enjoy the content!
Update : as it turns out, the remaining 3 Eastern Conference quarterfinals games and 1 Western Conference Quarter finals game (Lakers VS Timberwolves) all exceed the 5GB limit for uploads despite being less than 45 minutes. I will do what I have to do to assure you all this won't happen next year and you all miss 0 games.
I'm actually a little worried about uploading the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Championship races. I never explained why I'm worried about it before. I'll tell you all here :

1) the starting line up song - The starting line up song has me worried because the line up for the finale is Rock It by Tokyo Machine. *I want to remind you all that Tokyo Machine is under the Monster Cat line of artists*

2) the Trophy presentation song - If I wasn't worried about the Monster Cat song, I'm sure THIS would be an alarm sounder : the song I use for the trophy presentation. in 2017, I couldn't find ANY non copy righted song and in my frustration, I said to myself "screw it," and used the Vince Lombardi presentation song.

those 2 songs have me hesitant to upload the races from Colorado for 2017-2019 ASNCS seasons. If things go right in 2020, Only Rock-It should be my concern for Colorado and the Lombardi song will be used in Homestead. But yeah, if anyone has any advice on wither I should or shouldn't upload my finale videos, I'll GLADLY hear you out.
Hello, everyone! For those who do not know me, my name is Alan Muccioli. But you all can go ahead and call me Alan. Or Mooch. Or whatever works for you all :)
I have moved over to here from YouTube in the wake of the new COPPA stuff going on over there. You can expect gaming and NASCAR stop motions from me.
What kind of games??

Madden NFL '13
NBA 2K13
NHL '13
FIFA '14
Need For Speed Rivals
Dirt 2
Duck Tales Remastered
And much much more :D

I look forward to making content that all y'all are going to enjoy AS WELL AS all of much of my old content that I know you all will mock.
About Alan_M00ch
Hi everyone! My name is Alan Muccioli. But you can call me Alan. Or Mooch. Or whatever suits you best. :)

Anyway, welcome to my channel! I've been a content creator since 2011. That was when I was 16. Today? I'm 24 and I have been making content for almost 9 years (I started on 9/24/11).

My content isn't stunning HD quality, but I put my best foot forward to provide the best I can give with what I got.

I'm no saint, but I got a heart of gold and mean well and good intentions.

If you choose to follow, cool! I hope I can provide you with the content I give you. I also recommend you check out my Youtube and Twitch.

Well, that's all I got for you all so don't forget to keep on dancing, move your feet to the beat, AND REMEMBER! Until we rock it again on the sound waves, I'm Alan! And I'm outta here! I'll catch you all on the flip side!
Alan Muccioli
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Nov 21, 2019
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May 03, 2020
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