AROWANA - Benchmarking Eight Windows Versions on Pentium 3/4
VIVA 60FPS! To allow Vlare to grow comfortably with this update, only the most essential videos will be reposted here for now, little by little. Anything else will most likely be bundled into several long compilation videos much later on. I'm leaving the end screen space in this video intact just in case annotations and/or end screens come to Vlare as well.

On a well-equipped system, it seems trivial as to which version of Windows you'd install apart from concerns over hardware and software compatibility. Does it really make a difference if you install one specific operating system to run your desired programs, or is it a waste of time trying to get everything to work with it?

1. Windows 95 can only address up to 768MB of RAM, so a line "MaxPhysPage=30000" is added under [386Enh] in SYSTEM.INI.
2. Windows 95 also requires a fast CPU fix to be applied on certain systems to avoid a protection error.
3. Windows 9x may exhibit some problems on systems with more than 512MB of RAM unless "MaxFileCache=524288" is added under [vcache] in SYSTEM.INI.
4. The sound card used in the Pentium 4 benchmarks is different in Windows 2000 and ME because I couldn't find a reliable driver for the other one that wouldn't constantly use 25% of the CPU.
5. For most of the Pentium III benchmarks, I used the default OpenGL renderer because it didn't cross my mind at the time of recording to supply updated MiniGL drivers.
6. In all benchmarks, updated versions of Internet Explorer were installed. Additional benchmarks were run on the Pentium III to measure differences between having an updated IE version and not having one, but they were minute, possibly due to the abundance of RAM in the tested system.
7. The Pentium III optimizations were not available in 3DMark 99 MAX under Windows 95 because it is not aware of the XMM register set which is used by SSE-capable CPUs. It is possible to make use of SSE in Windows 95 by loading a certain program on startup, but running more than one program using SSE instructions at once will cause data corruption or crashes.

Music used:
"motion blur" by Necros

Originally uploaded to YouTube on September 4th, 2019