My Top 4 Favorite Plush Channels Who Don't Like, Don't Love or Hates Logan or SML Fans(Reuploaded)
Sabre Luigi The Archivist
Sabre Luigi The Archivist
Originally Uploaded on August 28, 2019
This is a Fan Edited Top 10 video, all these videos or clips are not own by me
all videos are own by their respectful owners.

please respect their decision and they have a point or opinions. they do don't like SML and the entire sml fanbase/community. they are no longer interested of sml anymore. ok. respect their opinions, criticisms and their Points.

I Do Not Own these Videos or the Music/Nothing here is my property. Upload intended solely for entertainment purposes.
here are just Clips that i used for the video.
all credit goes to these youtube users
*All Credit Goes to the rightful owners*

1. TheSuperPlushyBros
Original Video[The PlushCast Episode #1 - Introduction]:
Channel[The PlushCast:

2. Aidan(EMB/Tempest Films)
Original Video[Shrooom!! Discussion - The SuperMarioLogan Scandal (feat. MarioPlush101 and PlushyCam)]:

3. Vester&Friends
Original Video[15 Vester&Friends Facts! (15,000 Subscriber Special)]:

4. The Cute Mario Bros
Original Videos
[MAIL TIME! - Episode 1 - Cute Mario Bros.] -
[SUPER MARIO BROS 3!!! - MAIL TIME! Episode 16 - Cute Mario Bros.] -
[MR. MIME!?! - MAIL TIME! Episode 21! Cute Mario Bros.] -
[10th Anniversary - Cute Mario Bros] -

"WARNING: this video contains cringed, strong languages, offensive comments and/or embarrassing criticism"
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(This video is Not to Harass or Bully. Don't send these Plushtubers some Hate. they are just pointing it out the truth here and keep that in mind. it's just an opinion and you must handle and respect everyone's opinion and criticisms.)


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