~☆ENGLISH☆~ One Room Sugar Life Cover ☆Happy Sugar Life☆
My English cover of One Room Sugar Life , originally performed by Nanawo Akari. I don't own ANYTHING except my voice. Please support the original artist.


~☆Original upload date: October 31st, 2018☆~


hAPpY sPOopY dAY!

So my good friends Malina Rose and Vocalina made an English fandub of the first episode of Happy Sugar Life and they asked me to cover the opening for them!! Thank you so much for letting me cover the OP, it was quite the challenge but very fun to sing!

Happy Sugar Life is honestly one of the best horror anime I've ever seen and I actually really like Satou and Shio (I see their love as a platonic kind of love because otherwise that would be a biiit too much). It's a really great choice if you're looking for a horror anime to watch!

Here's the link to the fandub if you want to watch it!


I hope you enjoy my cover! :)


☆Vocals and video: CurePlum (me!)

☆English Lyrics: Vocalina

☆Mix: Malina Rose

☆Original translation: Pizza EXhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFrm...

☆Instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEGyo...


NOTE: If you want to use my cover for a project/another YouTube video, please message me a request to do so BEFORE using it.


Lyrics by Vocalina. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT!!

My feelings are sparkling
Right now they are glimmering
My entire world revolves around you
This world made out of sugar
Turned into lies of bitter
It’s only about the two of us
The rest can disappear

The point behind love is nowhere to be found
The outside world is filled with discommunication
Love is hidden deep within my heart
I won’t let anyone see that part

I love you
This is new
Nothing will stain this feeling, yeah it’s true
All the angels nor the devils knew
That their whispering words wouldn’t seep through
My uniform hidden out of view
Concealing this dull beat, say adieu
Both you and I, let’s escape out the blue

I know that “forever” is only in dreams
But will you always stay with me?

My feelings are sparkling
Your smile is shimmering
'Cause of you I know that this is the real me

This world made out of sugar
Wants to be lies of bitter
None of it matters to me because
I want just you

Say wow! (Wow!)
Smiling emotions
All these gray feelings
I don’t need those now

With love (Love!)
Singing from this room brings it to a bloom
Deep inside me I hope the light consumes

I’ll surely find the things that are unknown to you
So you won’t face this world that’s askew
Let’s run away from this place and start anew


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