The fate of MRZ (audio only)
some things I didn't mention in the video:

I was walking through the rain while recording this, the video didn't come out as intended, but I guess that could be a blessing in disguise. And yes, I deleted all of my tweets, all of my VidLii and Vlare videos, and left over 49+ Discord servers.

To Allen, if you want to keep my show up "Antenna Punk" up, you can. If not; I understand. I may consider coming back, just to do that show. It's been a passion project for me, for way to long; For me to simply give up. And if you want to negotiate the rights to the show, we can.

To Suderion (sorry if I spelt your name wrong), if you're reading this; you can take away my partnership status. I won't need it for where I'm going. But thank you anyway; For answering all the questions I've had for you, you were always great to talk to. Also, I will not be moderating Hentai Garden. But thanks for making me a mod anyway. :^)

To the Filthy Frank guy, don't let my departure deter you, I'm sure you'll do great in the long run. Remember everything I've told you in the dm? Nothing's changed. Absolutely nothing.

And for the rest of you that I didn't mention, I wish nothing more than the best for you; I hope you'll become successful in your future endeavors, but be sure to take breaks, go off the grid, maybe go out camping? The bottom line is taking breaks from social media does wonders for keeping your sanity in tact.

With all of that being said, Stay gold.

- MRZ <3