CIVIL RIGHTS & The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Civil Rights & The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In this video I cover seasons 1-3, the only good episodes of the show... Just kidding! The other seasons are okay but #NotMyAuntViv. Still, I only cover seasons 1-3, because those seasons have the MOST episodes devoted to civil rights as a primary plot point. So that means if you're watching this video, I'm assuming you have seen those parts of the show. I explain episode outlines before getting into discussion, but this video is meant to be nostalgic and educational for people who are fans like me.

Its very interesting, what the writers were TRYING to go for, in emphasizing the dichotomy between Malcolm X & Martin Luther King - I just wish they did a better job. So many issues were never touched upon and it seems wasted in hindsight. For example, while MLK advocating for unifying black and white people under the identity of Americans, Malcolm X consistently advocated for a separate and thriving black community that stoof on its own two feet, outside of white america...

Also, some very fun easter eggs, only true fans will notice. NOTICE! In Season 2 Episode 20, the episode I speak most about in this video, Carlton is visibly upset at the fact that Uncle Phil wants to harbor a known fugitive. This is obviously because Uncle Phil is a lawyer/judge who near always sides with enforcing the law, but because of his personal friendship with Marge, Phil goes back on those ideals.

In the episode, Carlton himself actually says: " I hate to sound paranoid but do we really know if Mom and Dad are who they say they are? Or if their names are really Mom and Dad?" - and while this is OBVIOUSLY because Carlton is surprised they used to pal around with Black Panthers, this has a double meaning in hindsight because Uncle Phil acts COMPLETELY OUT OF CHARACTER this episode, almost like a different person!

Also, since I know someone in the comments will mention it - The fourth episode of the show - "Not with My Pig, You Don't" - is about Uncle Phil growing up in North Carolina and now,
as an adult, being ashamed of his roots. In other words, he's from the south and used to live on a farm - But now he lives in Los Angeles, and wants to put that time behind him. NOTICE! RECALL EPISODE ONE WHERE WILL SAYS THAT UNCLE PHIL HAS FORGOTTEN HIS ROOTS!!! So Will was actually correct to say Uncle Phil forgot where he came from - but after being confronted about this by his mother - Uncle Phil learns to take pride in his past, regardless of what people think. I didn't talk about this episode in the video because its not Civil Rights episode. Ciao!

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