That Time I Got Abridged as a Slime Episode 1
We're celebrating 3 years of Log horizon Abridged with... not Log Horizon Abridged. Well that certainly is a thing. Please join us as we adventure into the world of Slime Abridged. I'm not telling you anything about this episode. I want it to be a surprise.

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Opening theme: High Hopes - Panic! At the Disco
Ending theme: Kirbys Dream Land: Green Greens - The OneUps

Special thanks to all of our patrons and especially our Maximum Overdogs!

Maximum OverDogs : Dreamer Don, Deyalos12, Raeth Redpath

Cast and Crew:

Director and Writer - Richie Roberts
Assistant Director Co-writer: FelTheVA
Principal Editor - DemonGroceryStore
Audio Editor - CalMeji
Rimuru: CatPuff
Great Sage: Richie Roberts
Veldora: TheHawkAbridged
Tamura: Queen Angel of Destroying
Stranger in the mask: NPC Michi


Demon, Hot Spring, Effeciencey, Trust, and Rebirth - Slime OST

O'hiru ne Kanna, Hatena, and Ittekimasu - Dragon Maid OST

The Haunted Ship - Kirby
Kirbys Dream Land Music - Green Greens
Kirby Super Star (SNES) Music - Continue Theme

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