Mushihimesama (Steam/Original) 1CC
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So, I can record these kind of games now, yay! I love Mushihimesama. A bullet hell with various difficulty settings to broaden the number of people that can play. Original mode is essentially this game's easy mode, containing far fewer bullets than the other modes, resulting in far simpler patterns to memorize. However, to compensate for the fewer bullets, the bullets are much faster in this mode than the others, presenting a more old-school shmup challenge in comparison. Original mode also presents a far more simple scoring mechanic, in which your score is just based on how many enemies you kill, how many gems you collect, and simply not dying, with most of your points coming from the end of the game. At the end, each extra life you have will add on 10,000,000 points to your final score (as long as you use no continues), about as much as you'd probably get just by going though the game.

When it comes to Original mode, you best friend is small nudging movements, in which you just slightly tap over to a direction in small increments. The bullets may be fast, but they're mostly aimed at you. So for many bullet patterns from larger enemies and bosses, just a slight tap to the side can save you from death. With all that being said, Original mode still does take practice, if anything, due to its much faster paced style of gameplay, but it is perfectly manageable to complete within due time. If anything, this mode should be used to start memorizing enemy placements, something immensely important to learn for the tougher difficulties. Also, due to Original mode's speed, you'll want to use S-Power. It gives you the fastest speed, and is the most effective from a long distance.

I attempted making a guide to get through this. Here: