The rants on the Anti-Abortion movement
If a woman NEEDS to get an abortion, because she will literally die if she doesn’t, then she should be able to get a safe abortion procedure.

If a woman WANTS to get an abortion, say, because she doesn’t want to raise a kid in a world full of hate, death, and war, she should be entitled to the same procedure.

How the hell can you be “pro-life” and not care if the woman dies because of her pregnancy? Maybe that should be called murder. Like honestly, if we’re being technical here; Forbidding a woman from getting an abortion, even if she’s gonna die if she doesn’t should be called murder. You people don’t know the first god damn thing about the human body, do you? No "Real American" will stand for this tyrannical behaviour.

Someone made a weak attempt at exposing pro-abortion by saying because a Hitler 2.0 would be an excuse, then that means we’re trying to have population control. That’s a whole different thing, you fascist idiot. Where the hell do conservatives get this shit? “Liberals will enforce mandatory abortions”, you can’t make this shit up.

And I guess Georgia is also open to the death penalty for this shit. What, the, actual, fuck? So if a woman gets raped, the guy who raped her will get probably get 4 years in fucking prison in the miracle that he isn’t set free. But if the woman who got raped decides she wants an abortion, you’ll put her to the fucking electric chair? How fucking stupid do you have to be?

Crime worse than murder? 4 years.
Terminate a pregnancy in a procedure akin to that of parasite extraction? Death penalty.
Fuck you, Georgia. Can’t wait for Roe v. Wade to come back and bite you in the ass.