Shingabudoma (My Fan Drawing or OC) [Reuploaded]
Sabre Luigi The Archivist
Sabre Luigi The Archivist
#OC #Anime #FanArt #Drawing #Characters
**Originally Uploaded on November 8, 2018**

this is my Fan Art/Drawing of my own Anime OCs that i made.
Full Title: Shingen no Gakkou ga Budou to Maryoku
English Translate: Shingen's School of Martial Arts and Magical Powers.
i kept these drawings of my OCs back in 2013
and Post it on my Facebook since 2014?!. think? i don't know.


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I Do Not Own this Music
But I want to make and Edit a Slideshow/Compilation Video of All my Drawing/FanArt of Anime OCs just for Fun.
Nothing here is my property. Upload intended solely for entertainment purposes.

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Song Title: Bloody Stream
Original Song Artist: Coda
Anime: Jojo Bizarre Adventure OP 2


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