Log Horizon Abridged Episode 7
In just 3 months! We did it1 No lies, no jokes, no pranks this is actually LHA7. The kids begin there training, the round table enters negotiations, somebody is getting laid, oh and a bunch of D20 rolls.

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Director and Writing adviser - Phattony92
Assistant Director and Main Writer - Richie Roberts
Executive Producer: Angel of Destroying
Thumbnail - chibitails
Scene Editor - Explodicy, DemonGroceryStore, Havenadian
Audio Engineer - CalMeji, Arienne

Shiroe: RobotFan987
Akatsuki: LennonDrake
Naotsugu: XanaUzukami
Nyanta: Distortion Devil
Tohya: PhatTony92
Minori: Chibitails
Isuzu: StarBot
Serara: Catpuff
Marielle: LennonDrake
Henrietta: Lalelaida
Takayama: Megami33
Michikata: YaroShien
Kayu: TheHawkAbridged
Corwen: KaiserNeko
Lenessia: LatinfireVA
Shoryu: Explodicy
Kiliva: SirChronoside
Elyssa: Zazumi
Noble Loudmouth 1: DemonGroceryStore
Noble Loudmouth 2: CalMeji
NoobSlayer69: YaroShien
Regan: Sam Nuema

Opening song: Emperor's New Clothes - Panic! At the Disco

BGM used

Hyrule Castle - Hyrule Symphony
Avengers Infinity War Main Theme Guitar Cover - BeyondTheGuitar
Fragments Of Memories (Guitar Cover) - Yuji Moriya
Fragments of Memories - Nobuo Umetsu - Final Fantasy VIII Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
Naru, Embracing the Light (feat. Rachel Mellis) - Gareth Coker - Ori and the Blind Forest OST
nowhere- - Katsuhisa Hattori - Infinite Ryvius OST 1
Goblin-ou no Kikan - Yasuharu Takanashi - Log Horizon OST 1
Tatakau Kakugo - Yasuharu Takanashi - Log Horizon OST 1
Mori to Mizu to Daichi - Yasuharu Takanashi - Log Horizon OST 1
Eastal kara no Shoutaijou - Yasuharu Takanashi - Log Horizon OST 1
One Piece - We Are - HellBoundDochi Remix
Atarashiki Mezame - Yasuharu Takanashi - Log Horizon OST 1
Mune ni Himeta Omoi - Yasuharu Takanashi - Log Horizon OST 1
Daisaigai - Yasuharu Takanashi - Log Horizon OST 1
Turn Down for What - DJ Snake, Lil Jon

Ending slate music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnSxJbiywUk

What’s the status of LHA/other abridged projects?
Currently in the scripting/recording/editing phase of production. As soon as it’s released, we’ll let you know.

Do you guys have a Patreon?
Yes. www.patreon.com/PhatDogStudios

What about one-shots or other content?

Slime Abridged and One Piece Alabasta Abridged are in different stages of development with LHA and we have new projects coming out next year. Keep an eye out for update videos or follow us on Twitter for updates as time gets closer. If you still need to know, become a patron, we have released a full 12 month schedule of all of our content on our Patreon.

We have a lot of projects being worked on simultaneously, so we are constantly staying busy. We will keep everyone in the loop as content becomes available.