My Own Three Eyes, 1st Movement (music video)
Glade Swope
Glade Swope
Shed of this mortal load
And then I were lead on down the road
It is a mystery you already know
Yet as the years have gone by,
you may have forgotten

Climb the mountain
or you can take it on faith tonight
You don't have to be The Last In Line
All souls are Mine
And you know it still inside
I have seen it with My own three eyes

The smallest turn of the will
And the greatest stronghold melts away
It is a magic we all know
Yet as the years have gone by,
most have forgotten...

'Tis nothing but My love for you
that brought you here to be
And nothing but the same
that takes you from day to day
And when it all comes down
If only they would understand
It's more of the same
That takes you away