VLARE TV Graphics Package
Remember Vlare's original trailer, which was a series of bumpers for a potential Vlare.TV network? I decided to create a new version of these bumpers to reflect the new logo that Vlare now uses. These bumpers are free to use and I'll allow them to be used for anything you may produce for the site

PREMIERE: Until Vlare finally gets a premiere feature, I'd recommend using this when that feature is out.
NEW: Basically, this was an ident for "new" content to be aired on the Vlare network. I don't really see any use in the ident, but you may find your own.
SNEAK PEAK: Can be used for sneak peaks at future content you may create.
MOST WATCHED: Basically, the most viewed and discussed videos on Vlare. I might create this as a format proposal on VLARE's official channel but again, I don't know if there are any easy ways of downloading Vlare videos.
GET THE CLIP: I'm thinking of creating a new show on Iox regarding this format, basically a voting system show where the viewer gets to decide on what goes into the episode, whether that'd be the video they liked at that time, or their very own picked by the viewer.
COUNTDOWN: Otherwise cleverly known as "TOP ERROR", this was the idea of a show showing different videos from the year gone by.

A lot of the other bumpers can be used for whatever you may want, however the original intention was to create a new 24/7 Vlare network on Twitch. Unfortunately, these plans fell through and the network never happened. I still think there are uses for these idents to be used in whatever project you may want to produce. I will provide a download link below for you to use these in any different way you want. I would want some credit if you are planning to use these, but these are free to use anyway.