Overkill - Last Man Standing + part of Electric Rattlesnake - Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill, Dallas, TX.
Yeah, I know concert footage isn't something I've uploaded before, but I figured, since I did record this on Saturday, I'd share it out there. I REALLY wanted to record more songs, like Rotten to the Core, Hello from the Gutter, Coma, and Fuck You (kinda disappointed they didn't play Wrecking Crew and Batshit Crazy, but that's neither here nor there) just to name a few, but unfortunately, during Electric Rattlesnake, my phone ended up running out of storage space and stopped the recording as you can see. Also should've recorded one of the opening bands, Hydraform, in hindsight cause they closed out with a song I can't find anywhere on the internet called The Rule of Two...yeah, as in the Sith Rule of Two. Why do we not have more metal songs that are centered around Star Wars? (side note, whoever was the idiot next to me jeering at these guys and telling them to get off the stage, fuck YOU, buddy. go wait in your damn car or in the fucking restaurant that's literally right behind your dumb ass for the next band to start if you don't like these guys for some reason next time instead of forcing me to hear you bitch and moan...sorry, needed to get that off my chest)

Might make a few more of these during the rest of the year. I might see Flotsam and Jetsam later and am set for Lamb of God and Megadeth. Not sure about Judas Priest's 50th anniversary show though. I want to, they're my favorite band of all time, but we'll see if ticket prices go down at some point as I am a cheap bastard. lol.