.:My First Animatic:. | Bully Trouble~
Dr Volk
Dr Volk
Originally Uploaded: May 29th, 2017

Welcome, everyone, to my very first animatic! I made this back in 2017 over the course of several days! While the artwork/voice-work/everything is nowhere near the best, even by 2017 me's still-high-but-not-as-high-as-my standards, I was still incredibly proud of this~ While the "Animatic Culture Wave", as I call it, has ended, I would still like to share my handiwork with the Vlare community~

Excerpt from the original description: "This is my first ever animatic and I'm so proud of myself~!!! Please forgive my Volk voice, as my voice is far too deep to produce a voice pretty enough for Volk haha~

Animators are welcome to give me tips on how to make my animatics better, but please do remember to be kind about it. -about 10 people delete their critiques-"


*Please, no foul language in the comments. This is a family-friendly channel*

*Unfortunately, I cannot find the original sfx files to credit here - If I find them, I will link them here*

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