[Aeon] Episode 1
[Re-uploaded now that I can upload at 1080p.]
[Re-upload from YouTube; title was changed from "Aeon: Dark Revolution" to just "Aeon" because YT demoted it based on the word "revolution" being "violent". I wish this was a joke, but views and subs went back up after I rebranded. There are currently 3 other episodes on YouTube and I'll be uploading them here as well.]

Content Warning:
This series will contain heavy themes such as character deaths, psychological and physical trauma, religious zealotry, and sociopolitical divides. Viewer discretion is advised.
Okay, so finally this video it done! :D It's been a long time and I had some... issues... with this project where I pretty much wasn't able to work on it for a very long time due to personal problems, but I did manage to recover my love for the series and get back into everything again and I am very excited to be able to work on the second one! ^^

Thank you to everyone who's supported me through this and been looking forwards to seeing this, I hope it was worth the wait. ^^ I should have a new casting call uploaded within the next day or so for some characters that show up in the second episode.
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