[MOVIE POOP] Spingebill and Rick's Ultimate Journey To Murder Moar Krabs And Kill Everyone
Captain Duckturd
Captain Duckturd
Originally uploaded to YouTube Apr 1, 2017

Spingebill lures himself into a false sense of meaning and purpose by believing he will become the manager of the Arby's Krab 2, only to inevitably have his dreams crushed and stomped on by Mr. Kinky and the other denizens of Bikini Buttock. In a fit of drunken unconstrained rage, Spillage convinces Queen Niptune to freeze Kinky before joining Rick to leave the city for no good reason, return, and kill everyone. Daveed Lasslefoff then acquires constipation and instantly dissolves the planet. He is the only survivor.

0:22 - Dead Man's Chest Theme
1:20 - Surgeon Simulator Theme
2:16 - Ave Maria
2:56 - The Alphabet Song Spongebob
2:58 - Bill Nye the Science Guy Theme
5:43 - Astronauts March Spongebob
6:45 - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
7:08 - Desembra
7:15 - Battlefield 1 Match End Theme
8:49 - Aerith's Theme Advent Children
9:04 - Arthur Theme
9:23 - New and Improved
9:33 - Hawaiian Calypso Spongebob
11:01 - The Oracle Spongebob
11:25 - How Could This Happen To Me
11:40 - Back To The Future Theme
12:47 - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
12:49 - Friends and Neighbors Spongebob

I do not own "Spongebob Squarepants", nor do I own any of the songs or other materials used in this video. This video is a satirical remix of the original work, and is a fair use under copyright law.