Action Extreme Gaming - Metal Slug 7 (Nintendo DS Version) [Fiolina Playthrough] Part 1
Action Extreme Gaming - Metal Slug 7 (Nintendo DS Version) [Fiolina Playthrough] Part 1

Metal Slug 7 (メタルスラッグ 7)

SNK Playmore's Arcade Smash Hit Run N Gun shoot'em up platformer series makes it's way to Nintendo Home consoles and handhelds for the First time ever with the 7th installment in the popular Meta Slug series "Metal Slug" released for the Nintendo DS way back in 2008!:P

I finnally got a hold of a copy of a Rom for the Nintendo DS version which one of my fav Rom and Emulation site's Vimm's Lair (Which I've been using that site since 1999) recently started adding Nintendo DS roms on they're site:P

anyways,I'll be playing as my fav female character in the Metal Slug franchise "Fio" for this Playthrough,so heres the first part of my Walkthrough of Metal Slug 7 for the NDS

These Games are very similar to Konami's Contra series except that SNK's Metal Slug series is much more hardcore extreme which you can even ride on

Also,At the end of the video,I made a Sitcom Style Ending credits parody using the "Webster" Ending Credits theme using clips from Hugtto Pretty Cure,Wasteful Days of High School Girls/Joshi Kōsei no Mudazukai and Star Twinkle Pretty


Note: Keep in mind guys,I'm still taking a massive hiatus break from Vlare which I'll mainly focus on my Facebook Channel,Metajolt Channel and Bitchute channel,the only reason I'm also uploading this playthrough on here as well and archieving it,is because I've felt so accomplished rendering this video and Had loads of fun making this and didn't want to see this one go to waste!

But when I come back from My hiatus,I'm gonna do some major cleaning up on my channel,because I want to make a fresh new start when I return from my long hiatus! I may come back either september or October this fall!