SML Drama - Logan Kicked Tito Out of The House(OUTDATED & OLD)[18+]
Sabre Luigi The Archivist
Sabre Luigi The Archivist
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Originally Uploaded on December 16, 2019 by Sabre Genesis
This video is terrible, please don't watch this and outdated.

I don't know if these Rumors or Stories are Real, Legit or perhaps fake. Unless this was a Publicity Stunt, Clickbait or maybe Fake? I don't know, who knows who care. i truly can't tell or who to trust?!
because this is really ridiculous. plus like Dabhdude said. i am not pick sides. i don't like to pick which side am i who i'm trusting with?!.
well i kinda agree with tito's story and damaris chapman's tweet but i don't like who i'm trusting with?! it really doesn't matter. this is why i don't like to support sml or be apart of the sml fanbase/community. this is why what Anthony(8owser16) said. we don't trust sml anymore. but to be fair. really kinda feel sorry for tito that logan kick him out of the house and cuts all of tito's plushes and damaris got berserk at logan to think logan is cheating with a hooker.

HERE are all the evidence right here if you like to check it out for yourself. these all proofs from tito and damaris that i've know but i have no clue or any evidence left.

and here is Tito's instagram video:

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