Lovell from SuperMarioLogan Celebrating for Calling out Luke Noonan
SML Fan Rebel Dude
SML Fan Rebel Dude
this is a Screen Recorded video about Lovell calling out Gamecubedude in his Instagram Live Stream. plus, lovell is being a total Liar talk about talk shit on twitter. that is not true
gamecubedude is not wrong. lovell is being overreacted and acted playing stupid and manipulating to his fans and logan and lying to logan or lovell's fans for a reason.
lovell is the one who started this drama. plus he's just being too avoided and ignored or never listen any criticisms or take any advice like nothing have happened
some of his Supporters were being loyal and toxic to lovell and they are against gamecubedude
plus. these other fans of lovell are actually not real fans. they just want drama
lovell is the cause that started this huge drama back in july of 2017. for not handling some constructive criticisms, can't handle or understand any some sort of an opinion or take any advice and lovell is being a total scumbag and so his toxic fan boys or girls in the live stream who talk shit to gamecubedude and trolling and being snakes or snitching. lovell made a huge mistake for not respecting any opinions or handle some criticism. plus he even talk trash and made fun of his own fans or children for calling them haters and fake sml fans via instagram and also lovell told his other fans to go harassed them and witch hunt them with no love and respect. that's why some other people are starting to not interested of sml anymore and tired of supporting sml, jeffy or lovell and the fanbas/community
lovell is the reason he's being a total ass and a bully to those other fans who supports him for no love or appreciations and respect and then Accusing other people or called out on other people for being too rude or repetitive and accusing gamecubedude, edp445, elaina and anthony(kirbstomp) and he started to be a total scumbag he really was.
that's why most other people or fans who supports lovell and/or sml are starting to against lovell and starting to no longer interested. some other fans of sml or lovell were being bullied and harassed by some other toxic sml fan, jeffy fan or lovell fan for disrespect some opinions or acted too sensitive and bunch of jerks or acted like jeffy and lovell or accusing everybody else in the plush community, youtube or the fanbase.