『Friends』 Animated Short Film
Fateless Knight
Fateless Knight
The description was copied from YouTube 18.06.2019.

My animated film I choose to do as a project for my final year.

Before any questions: No, I was not studying animation, I went for other specialization connected to art, but the animation is something very new to everyone there especially digital. It's the first time a diploma in this college was made digitally.

I am so grateful for my teachers who supported me with the idea of bringing this short film to life!

My computer broke right in a moment I was exporting this film. That was.. pain. Everything about my computer is broken now, I think I have some gray hair now because I could have fallen my graduation for not having my file and not presenting it. I don't remember if I ever had stress like that.

Here it is. The reason why Episode 2 of Accursed still not up.
I hope you like this film!
Characters are me and my cat.. almost based on real-life stuff..

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