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Fateless Knight
Fateless Knight
Me and Icerift -> https://vlare.tv/u/xYfGlYAw
are pleased to present you with the first CAP! (Collaborative Animator Project). This is essentially just a rename of the old "Multiple Animator Projects" because that acronym has been overtaken by a certain group of people who we want nothing to do with. So welcome to the era of CAPs.

A big thanks to the band, Project Vela for allowing us to use this song!!!

• Not first come, first serve, we will be checking your Vlare channel for animation examples!
• If you got a part, it's required to join a Discord server of the CAP. It's a place where it'll be easier to organize stuff! https://discord.gg/KJTdZ3y
• Make sure your part fits the song. Keep to the mood of your lyrics.
• The part must be fully animated, this is a Collaborative Animator Project and not a PMV CAP.
• Some still frames are fine, but only if the overall part has enough movement to fit!
• You can animate anything you like so it’s your own character. Humans, animals, whatever… Just no fan characters! This means no Pokemon, MLP, Warriors, etc…
• Violence is okay, but please try to keep the blood and gore to a minimum
• Common sense
• You may have up to 3 parts to begin with. If you finish all of them, then you may come back and ask for more.
• It is okay to collab with a friend, but the mandatory Vlare account applies to both of you.
• Make sure your part is rendered in a 16x9 ratio, preferably 1280x720p or 1920x1080p. The final will be rendered in 720p, but having the original parts in 1080p helps to keep the quality nice.
• No watermark on the submitted part. It's okay to watermark your Vlare upload, but you need to send the unwatermarked version to Discord. We will add those.
• Have fun!
• You must upload your finished CAP part to your Vlare account. Using only YouTube or Discord is not eligible as this is also to promote the website and make more people watch videos there.
• After publishing your part, make sure you credited the band with a link to the source!
• Because we cannot download videos from Vlare at this moment, you will also need to submit your finished part to this Discord as well.

A playlist of finished parts: https://vlare.tv/u/gqOfp3Lg/playlist/1075

Deadline: TBA after all parts are filled in.

The parts will be assigned in 24 hours!

7/21 finished.

• = WIP seen

1. Aigne
2. Chylk - DONE
3. Artixi - DONE
4. FatelessKnight - DONE
5. The StormingDragon •
6. Evama Animation - DONE
7. Vio Starkiller •
8. FatelessKnight
9. Icerift - DONE
10. Icerift - DONE
11. Icerift - DONE
12. Kiriko Windgeist - DONE
13. Cafnir - DONE
14. FatelessKnight - DONE
15. Fyrtrix Tizi - DONE
16. Cirma
17. OceanFelis - DONE
18. ZippedFluff
19. Solkeyia •
20. Wylfes - DONE
21. LunarxCloud •


The song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aIpACy5eG0

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War On Falling Stars
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