A look at a doom wad called Marine Doom (Remastered)
hello guys and gals im back with another vid and as the title says uptop this is an interesting little doom .wad which its a partial conversion that only comes with 1 stage, reskinned enimies and a couple of new weapons one of which is just reskin of the minigun into a light machinegun and new sound affects and thats about it, why am i showing this then if there`s only this one stage, because there`s a bit of interesting history behind this particular one, basically back then i was a baby (1 yrs) when the internet was growing, this particular mod was used to train im guessing soon to be military marines, how this would work is basically from what i have seen from they would have to make it from there starting spawn point to the end while being given instructions of what they should do and have to work out as a team(while also giving out orders) in the process to get out alive without any deaths.

now this is just speculation from me by this point but im guessing pending on how well they did in this wad/simulation are based on percentages and if they get to at least a certain amount they pass the test and able to partake with the big boys now to become a marine.

welp thats about it with this one, like the other ones im going to put down links on where to get this one even though they basically redid it and made it more immersive a little with more reskinned enemies, enjoy

marine doom remastered version: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/downloads/marine-doom-remastered

Marine Doom Vanilla (doom 1 only): https://archive.org/details/marine1

heres some old video footage of some marines playing this from way back then https://youtu.be/dND8OXkXoYU