Random Battles #2: Shadic (Archie) and Gogeta vs Goku Black (EoZ) PREVIEW
Fire Blades
Fire Blades

I have made this vlare account just in case my youtube goes down under and I get fined up to $42,000 at the most per video that I make. I am new here, so I would like some tips in order to, well, succeed I guess.

I will also soon upload all the other random battles on my youtube account on here, but I will not upload everything on my youtube to here to not waste so much space for the creators,

PLOT: In an unknown age, Zamasu takes Goku's body from the ending of Dragon Ball Z. He uses this newfound body to dispatch of Trunks and the remaining Earthlings easily. He then travels through time with his time ring to train and get stronger. He eventually comes across a timeline where the universes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Dragon Ball Super collide. (and Super Mario Bros if that counts)

Credits (so far):
Goku Black sprites - Angryboy, Luka, and Extreme Butoden
Gogeta sprites (thumbnail) - Woothrad
Gogeta sprites (video) - Angryboy, Aubreiprince, Sayhellobye, Manikdx2000, Blastrider, Luka, QSAB and Tansaki
Shadic sprites (thumbnail) - Darkness4
Shadic sprites (video) - Darksonic55
Luigi sprites - Ripped by A.J Nitro and jdasfer64

Music used -
Like a Burning Wind - Budokai 1
The Meteor - Budokai Tenkaichi 3