Ready Jet Go! - Just Add Water
Cartoon Trash Productions
Cartoon Trash Productions
We’ve seen some planet systems
From Rigel to Arcturus
We’ve stopped and shopped at lots of spots
Just like your average tourist
We toured the mighty Jupiter and all his sons and daughters
But then we found this planet mostly covered with liquid water
Plus, it’s not too hot
And no, it’s not too freezing
Add to which it’s atmosphere is suitable for breathing
It’s really not too big
And really not too small
And planet Earth is what it’s called
Water just falls from the sky
Our word for it is rain
Filling up our flatlands
And rolling down our plains
There’s lakes and rivers everywhere and-
Wait, what do they call those things in cities that shoot water in the air?
Ha! Fountains
Yeah, forget that it’s got icecaps
Forget about the mountains
There’s so much water in this place
It’s shooting out of fountains
So have you been to Planet Earth?
If not, well then you oughter
What makes this planet Earth so great, I’ll tell you
Just add water
What makes this planet Earth so great, we’ll tell you
Just add water!