NASCAR Racing 3 (1999) - Gameplay Pentium III 1000E + 3dfx Voodoo 2 SLI + Retro-PC Intro!
My first 1080p60 Video here on VLARE! NASCAR Racing 3 allows PC gamers to race on one of twenty-eight Winston Cup and Busch tracks selected from across the United States! The graphic effects were impressive in the year 1999: Papyrus out-did themselves with some of the best-looking, highly-detailed cars and tracks available in a PC simulation, not to mention extra touches to add to the realism such as translucent smoke, gratuitous tire tracks, dynamic lighting and weather effects. A lot of people are calling NASCAR Racing 3 the best NASCAR simulation ever in the end of the 90s!

System itself: 00:14
3dfx cards in the system: 01:22
Used in-Game resolution: 1024x768 in 3dfx Glide Mode and Edge Anti-Aliasing effect! 04:57
Some Systeminfos: 01:42
Game itself: 03:44

Used drivers: FastVoodoo 2 4.6 Windows 95/98/ME drivers
Driver download:

Used System (build in 2016):
Intel Pentium III 1000E SL4KL Slot 1 Coppermine @ 1120MHz (112MHz FSB) 1,70V Standard VCore
Asus P3B-F 1.04 i440BX
2x 256MB Infineon PC133 CL2/2/2
Asus V8420 Geforce 4 Ti-4200 128MB AGP as main graphics card
2x Powercolor Evilking 2 Voodoo² 12MB SLI @120 mm Fan 7V
Diamond Monster Sound MX300 Aureal Vortex 2
Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 8 40GB IDE
Toshiba SD-M 1902 DVD-ROM
FSP 300PAF 300W
Chieftec Dragon CS-601 case black
Windows 98 SE with SP 2.1e

Recorded with Panasonic HC-V180 and StarTech USB32DVCAPRO USB 3.0 Capture Device.