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Your Clairy Godmother
Your Clairy Godmother
Ever since I heard this beautiful song when I first played Rayman Origins, I wanted to add lyrics to it. When I first heard this song, I imagined Rayman and his friends singing about how far they came and how hard it was for them to get this far, but how they won't give up and they'll still be their happy-go-lucky selves as they save their Glade of Dreams from fading away. Yeah, Rayman Origins has muddled, stupid, and frankly sucky plot execution; but the idea of them travelling to the very homeworld/prison of the Nightmares to stop the madness at its source is such an epic idea, and the music is just as amazing.

(Yes, I have provided both English and French lyrics for your convenience, but the song was written and timed to English. No French cover will be made.)


Lyrics and Vocals by: Claire Aimée Spencer
Song: "Chasing A Dream" by Christophe Héral and Billy Martin (Rayman Origins)
Music used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spYfi...

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