Kirby Right Back At Ya! Anime - Mirror Kirby Vs The Armored Mole Demon Beast (4kids English Dub)
Kirby Right Back At Ya! - Mirror Kirby Vs The Armored Mole Demon Beast (4kids English Dub)

As of today this year,Kirby has now officially turned 27 which the Kirby Franchise now Celebrates it's 27th Anniversary this year in 2019,and to celebrate,heres another one of my Fav Moments from the Kirby Right Back At Ya! Anime Tv Series (Hoshi no Kaabii) which is from Episode 70 "Buccaneer Birdy" Where Kirby Uses the "Mirror Kirby" Copy Ability to Battle against the Armored Mole Demon Beast


I also like How Warpstar Inc (The Creators of the Japanese version of the Anime) made a reference to the famouse historical Pirate "Long John Silver".lol

I also included a Sneak Preview Clip of the upcoming Viz Media uncut dub of Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars,the Fifth and Final Season of the original 90's Sailor Moon Anime,which is the infamous controlversal season that Neither Dic/Saban or Cloverway never dubbed during the early 90's and early 2000's,which the reason this season never aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami back in the early 2000's or never got brought to the U.S. was dued to an infamous controlversal issue regarding the Sailor Starlights which Sailor Star Fighter,Star Healer and Star Maker were Actually Men disguised as Women and Dic/Saban at the time felt it was inappropriate to broadcast a Sailor Moon Season with Gay Opposite Sex Genders which was inappropriate at the time,but at long last,Viz Media have finnally took it upon themselves to Finnally dub the Lost Final Season of the Original 90's Sailor Moon Season,uncut and uncensored:P