Everything stays: [ Steven Universe Su Future ] Animatic
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i'm not sure if the video is gonna look well or even show up because I was having some problems with it earlier. Anyway here it is my animatic there's still a lot i want to change in it because all i want to do is get better and learn how to improve. plus i'm a perfectionist and i can't help it so yeah there are a few parts in this i want to really change, but overall I think it looks okay and slightly better then my last animatic . I'm not sure if i'm going to make this into an actual animation because it takes time and i'm always in school so
right now i'll work on my first animation of deltarune. Also if i ever do get the time to create this animation of everything stays i'm going to have my sister make a cover for it so i can represent the song better.
also i'm planing to create more animatics since there a lot more faster to make

Story of the Animatic

basically whats happening is Spinel returns to the garden still missing the times of when she used to play with pink. so she keeps coming back to the garden because she has a feeling like she has to go back because she still expects pink to return, but she never does. Steven finds spinel in the garden and tries to bring her back , but something is wrong and spinel starts to have these hallucinations of steven being pink and herself as she previously was. In the end everything does stay the same for her because of how she feels everything might still be different slightly , but not completely. which is why everything stays the same , but in little ways.
Spinel does know now that things can't go back to how they used to be

I hope that when I have the chance to animate this that i'm capable of representing it

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