Top 5 Reactors who Stop, Quits or No Longer reacting watching to SML Anymore(Updated)
Sabre Luigi The Archivist
Sabre Luigi The Archivist
This is an Updated video.
Original Video[UNLISTED]:
Uploaded on August 13, 2018(the original video has a 51 Thumbs up/Likes, 110 comments and over 1833 views)

This Video is Not Monetized. i don't know how to Setup or Enable to Monetize this video or on my channel?!, My Custom Thumbnail is Enable and Longer Videos is also Enable when i put my cellphone number on my Youtube account and Settings. Also The Reason why i don't want to be apart of the SML Community Anymore just like these 5 Reactors.
is Because there's Too Many Controversial Dramas around in the SML Community, People are Complaining and Arguing including Trolling Around their Opinions on SML and Jeffy.
too Many Fans who were Harassing or Hating or Even Trolling People and Hating or Disrespect their people's Opinions and they Don't Understand what Opinion Means?. cause they were a Threat to All of Us. that's why Leave the Community, Stop Watching and Unsubbed SML and I Still Don't Hate SML. Okay!
Of course Logan Never Listens to Us back Then and Now, it's his own Opinion(He never listens to Me, DabHDude, MafDominus, GameCubeDude or Other Honest SML Fans with their Opinions. well Sometimes he Listens to DabHDude and Mafdominus and other SML Fans.). Logan Listens to those Jeffy Fans, Toxic Non-SML Fans and Trolls(who were pretending to be a supporter, protecting him and manipulated Logan, Trolling him and/or all of us, Lied to him and Threatening him to taking down other user's who think we were a Threat to SML but we're Not a Threat. like Lovell for what he did to Luke's GCD300 Channel taking Down and SkipDip for Purposely Flagged Logan's SLL channel)
Relaxed. Take a Deep Breath { Inhale } .... { Exhale } ~~ ... Okay, i'm good and that's all i want it to Say or Admitted to you all
once again please Respect to these Reactors for Not Watching or Reacting to SuperMarioLogan's Videos Anymore and respect their own Decision for Leaving, Unsubbed and No longer apart of the SuperMarioLogan Community Anymore. Also I'm still not watching SML and I'm still not Subscribed SML. And Don't give Wrong or you're being serious to yourselves. I Don't Hate Logan, he is seen a Nice guy, I probably for the best that I needed to stop watching SML right now, leave him Alone and I still Giving Up waiting for the SuperMarioLogan the Full Length Movie Anymore.

Click Like and Respect their Decisions for Leaving and No Longer Apart of the SuperMarioLogan Community Anymore.
And don't even dare to request them some SML comments like. "please, react to a new SML movie. Pleeeeeeaase" Just Stop ok. Do Not attempt to Ask them some upcoming SuperMarioLogan video requests who want to react, just leave them alone, it's their own decision and i respect your opinion. But don't even attempting it to give them some SML Comment suggestions on them. Okay!

*"All Credit Goes to These Owners"*
1. Mr. Chaos the Cunning Wolf

2. Kushowa
Reuploaded Video from Kushowa Archive:
Kushowa Archive's Channel:

3. Keaton Walsh

4. Dino Thunder 14

5. GameCubeDude300(RiP)
{Due to GameCubedude300's channel got deleted and no longer Exist anymore. but you can follow him on his 1st or 2nd channels.}
A Reuploaded video from GameCubeDude400 [GameCubeDude300 Reuploads]:
GameCubeDude400 [GameCubeDude300 Reuploads]'s Channel:

A Reupload Video from SMLArchive:
SMLArchive's Channel:

6. 8owser16
8owser16's Channel:


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