Ted Cruz Supporters Raid Yelp! [Fiola Scandal]
YELP! Yelp Reviews! Ted Cruz! Ted Cruz & his wife were escorted out of a DC Restaurant named Fiola after a crowd of protestors came in shouting "We Believe Survivors" - which is code for believe all women AKA convict all men without evidence. Anyways - The Restaurant Fiola has now taken a hit from this minor scandal for even allowing the protestors in to harrass a sitting US Senator. The entire image of Fiola is a high class, high society restaurant, yet they threw Ted Cruz to the wolves at the first opportunity! In response, around 30 people have written negative reviews of Fiola on Yelp saying the dining experience was terrible for a variety of reasons. I wonder if Ted Cruz knows about this? We stand with you Ted Cruz! And even though Fiola removed the protestors promptly - prevention is always better than a delayed reaction. So Fiola needs to improve, Ted Cruz needs to be left alone, and the protestors need to stay off Yelp - because that's the domain of Republicans now! ^_^

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Video Topic: Ted Cruz Supporters Raid Yelp! [Fiola Scandal]
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