UPDATE (read description)
So yeah , tell me if i should use Krita or Flash to animate , cuz i don't which one's the best...Tell me on thé comments.
But also , i had TONS of ideas for new videos and animated series , so i'll explain it here :
Arto , is an animated short about a young kid that has a magic pen that makes any drawing he does come into life , one of them is mix of a dog and a cat called Mwoofy , he often goes try to find love but gets easily rejected cuz of his look. Arto will have to face his Bully. Sorta simple idea.

Magato The Detective Cat is gonna be a small series of 5 episodes about Magato , an alcoholic detective who sucks at his job , he's sorta a douchebag and dosen't care of what he's doing. Nothing special.

Doggo Doggy Brothers is gonna be an animated short , it'll be about 2 homeless brothers dogs (The oldest being Doggo and the youngest being Doggy) that are trying to survive. They steal food from humans , mainly from Alono the cop who gets easily mad if anybody steals his food. There's nothing very special about it.

That's basically it...

MUSIC USED - Good Starts Jingle Punks