A look at Postal 4 No Regerts
basically all this is just me fucking around with postal 4 weapons with sensless violence on other NPCS in the game, and since this game is a bit more violent than doom 3 thats why theres that WARNING at the beginning of this, im not going to be walkthroughing this right now only because theres not that much content to begin with and only monday is available for right now, so im going to wait it out until the full week is done so i can play the 'a week in Edensin' so i can just play it like that, mostly why i decided to record this mostly to gain traction about this awesome game. right now if you hadnt noticed its in its EARLY stages but in order to keep it going more people are going to have to support it by just buying the game off of steam and i sure as hell would like to see this game exist in all of its awesome glory.

so in a weird way its a promotional vid but not at the same time since im just a fan for RWS (running with Scissors) and i just dont want to see this game disappear so ill be link both there website and the game itself on steam incase you just want to send your money through there instead (even though your just buying the steam key) but incase your just wanting to buy something else from them.

website link: https://runningwithscissors.com

game link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/707030/POSTAL_4_No_Regerts/

so i hope you enjoy this (basically a demo for now) and hope it tickles your fancy enough to buy a copy, enjoy m8s