Everybody Reacts To E-102 Gamma's Death Scene (First Vlare Video!)
In July of 2019, A friend on discord asked me & others this in a sever chat, "If you have ever cried over a game, what game was it and why?"
I made this in response.
This is an updated version of the same meme I posted on twitter, the only difference is I add more clips of people crying & some other minor things lol.
Original Tweet & meme here: https://twitter.com/PokeBrick02/status/1156281543620550657

Also Hey! This is my first video on The Vlare Platform! I've been on the website for a few months now, & I wanted/want to upload content, I just really couldn't decide WHAT to upload. So, with the help of a comment from someone (forgot your name) on the Vlare Discord Server. I said, Screw it! & am uploading this here maymay. For now, I'll be uploading some memes I made over the past few years, then I'll have to figure out what to do next...
Original content? Re-uploads from YouTube? Both?! Whatever I do, I'll make an update video so people can help me out & give there own 2 cents on what I should do lol.

One other thing I'd like to mention
Sonic Adventure is such a great game & story, & Gamma's ark is one of the reasons I love it so much. Yes, the game has its problems, & hasn't aged well in some aspects, but I still tear up over this scene & love the game none the less GOSH DANG IT! I could make a whole video discussing Gamma's Ark, & importance if I really wanted to lol.

Og title:
Everybody Reacts to E-102 Gamma's Death Scene in Sonic Adventure 1 Meme (First Vlare Video!)