The Problem with Cosplay
Cosplay! Love it or hate it, it’s amazing! But you guys know the internet… we can’t have nice things -.- …..

Hello everyone! Hope you didn’t miss me too much xP But in all seriousness, It took me waaaaaay longer than I anticipated to finish this video. Between personal life things and self-doubt, I put it off for far too long T^T

But anyways, it’s finally here and all is good for now :P I’ll probably start working on my next video soon, so stick around for that :D Remember to like, subscribe, ring the bell, and tell your next door neighbor about the video :D

BTW, if the audio sounds weird it’s because I microwaved my mic and then fixed it with a lot of super glue to make it sounds better ;P (I’m jk, I don’t really know what happened xD)

Thank you guys for supporting my dumb antics on this channel! It means the world to me :)


Go support the talented voice actors that helped me bring life into the characters!

-May- KatastrofreeVA

-Friend 1- Meg (Cosplaying as her OC)

-Friend 2- Alichi (Cosplaying as Nagito Komoeda)

-Friend 3- John Paul Amaya (Cosplaying as Edward Elric)

-Friend 4- Electricstar (Cosplaying as The Scout)


Go support the amazing Cosplayers that where featured in the video! They were all very kind to allow me to feature their awesome cosplays!

-Katarine (Cosplaying as Star Butterfly)

-Joanne Rose (Cosplaying as Sonia)

-Ariana (Cosplaying as Kyouka Jirou)

-Kaity (Cosplaying as Scarlet Witch)

-Wegenaer (Cosplaying as Kakashi)

-ThatOneMaleToph (Cosplaying as Theater Toph)

-Tyler (Cosplaying as Maki Nishikino and as Jimmy)

-Nagini and Magdi (Cosplaying as Espeon and Umbreon)

-Natly and RBF (Cosplaying as Popuko and Pipimi)

- RahRahTheMemeMan (Cosplaying as FunTime Foxy)

-Kenny (Cosplaying as Reaper Mariachi)

-Daniel and Kearns (Cosplaying as Jotaro and Dio)



-Classique - Fracis Preve

-Hero Dance Party - TeknoAXE