SSJ; The Animated 2020 Brawl Special (PLS READ DESCRIPTION)
PLOT: Fartdog (The dog with shorts in video) is trying to help Sonic win the Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments by beating an newcomer. Fartdog uses his skills as a method actor in order to help out.

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News from Joseph himself:
"Hey guys! Joseph here!
I'm still working on the new location design/etc since I was busy during the time after I uploaded Plan E-Vision & Part 1 of the Back to California mini series as 2019 was a busy year for me. I may either continue the SSJ series next month, 2 months later or the start of the summer since it's not completely planned yet when to resume the series' hiatus & working on fixing technical errors & temporary problems I'll won't explain.
I thought producing this 2020 animated video would be an heads up for the continuation because of starting the new year with making SSJ content as a fun hobby to developing my future plans for the year & so on that I won't explain yet along with my career I also will not explain about.

[Let's Make 2020 An Great Year! Who's Ready to Rumble?]

+ This video was inspired by the Patrick self-harm segment from No Weenies Allowed
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