ZOCOM: One Vision (Kane's Wrath mod) Let's Play Part 3
Yes the URL has the word PiT don't ask.

I look at the ZOCOM Faction of One Vision; with a arsenal of more sonic weapons than the original as they can even upgrade their tanks to fire Sonic shells and can also even upgrade some of their soldier squads with "Echo Troopers", among other things. A odd side note, Trump was acquitted during original production.

0:00: This is the One Vision's ZOCOM Faction, and yes the MCV is blue tinted. Other structures are as well.

1:48: Ugh... is that mildew green color for a building?

2:28: Awesome soldier of sound.

2:41: Soo... Trump was aquitted while producing the video, I swear the extensive effort they went through to censor the whistleblowers name should land social media companies in court. If only more people were brave enough to sue for descrimination towards conservatives from a non-neutral platform.

3:29: The tanks (and the Gaurdian Cannon) can be upgraded with sonic shells. Giving some splash damage

4:23: Uhh... I think I found a bug.

4:48: Wow that's a lot of foot soldiers.

5:14: Minty toothpaste colored bullets? this mod is awesome.

6:35: Yes they have Sonic Grenadiers as well.

7:11: The Ceramic Armor skin is pretty good.

8:47: For a "bomber" it seems to shoot the sonic bombs instead of letting them drop naturally

9:17: Minty Doom Spray