How Burger King Died
How did Burger King go from HERO to ZERO? Sexism? Racism? Xenophobia? Bigotry? I know you hate to hear this, but YES. Now I'm not the type of person that bad commercials bother, its just a commercial, its just a grab at attention!

Actually, when it comes to Burger King - its just a washed up hag trying to stay relevant! Burger King started out large but with competition from McDonalds and Wendy's, they got more desperate and started launching a plethora of daring and outrageous advertisements. As I said, I don't care, but a lot of people, DO!

A lot of people found those "daring" advertisements to be in bad taste. And in the fast game of quick food, if you stumble someone else will take your place as the new Burger King. Now Wendy's is more successful than Burger King and more beloved by the people, and perhaps they should change their name from Burger King... to burger prince! Hahahaha! Or Burger Baron! Burger Viscount! Burger Squire! Hohohoho! I'm hilarious! Gosh that was good...

Bottom Line, Burger King launched upwards of ten advertising campaigns from 2005 to 2015, that overall turned their fans into haters. The ads were outrageous, but they caused a controversy that didn't translate into sales. For example, their advertisement that tried to appeal to hispanics with a mexican wrestler WEARING THE MEXICAN FLAG AS A CAPE - which is one of the largest mistakes you could ever make! In the eyes of many mexicans, it is a sign of intense disrespect to wear the flag as a piece of clothing, let alone as a wrestler's clothing!

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