Installing Windows 95 using a Network Client Startup Disk
Hardcore Windows 95, Day Two
Today, I install Windows 95 in a very particular way - I have created an MS-DOS system disk, and used the Network Client Administrator in Windows NT Server to copy a small handful of files needed to connect to a network share from a single floppy disk. This disk will be used to install Windows 95 using the setup files included on the Windows NT Server CD in the Clients directory. No, it doesn't include the license for Windows 95, but I feel it is necessary to show the world how this all worked.

I intended to upload a video every day for seven days for this series, but I missed a day because I lost so much time over trying to get a network card to work consistently throughout the entire installation. This includes countless retries, slow floppy rewrites, several network card swaps, and lovely exhaustion. Now that that's out of the way, I should have a chance to work ahead, buy more time, and seriously promise one video per day. Five more to go!

Originally published to YouTube on August 23, 2015