GLQuake on Am5x86 (486 Clone) at 160MHz with Voodoo1
After watching 3Dfx_Aslinger's Voodoo Rush demonstration on an AMD K5 ( ), I figured I should record some GLQuake gameplay on an AMD Am5x86, given how much 486 PCI motherboards have been on my mind lately. I'm using a different motherboard with a working battery here, but am preparing to learn how to solder so I can finally add a battery socket to my classic Shuttle HOT-433. The particular Voodoo1 I used here is a Diamond Monster 3D, which seems to be VERY uncooperative with my capture card, hence the severe visual noise. It looks fine on a CRT for the most part.

Some will say "no, you're not supposed to run Quake on a 486-class machine because the floating point unit is not good!!!" But that's not how reality works. Get this - imagine you bought a 486 computer in 1994 or 1995 with a PCI bus, and some time later you found out this brand new game called "Quake" only runs optimally on an Intel Pentium. What do you do now? You don't just want to leave your investment in that precious computer behind... well, there are several options available for you. A 3D accelerator like the Voodoo could help FPU-dependent 3D games run a little faster on systems with weak FPUs, mainly offloading certain rendering duties.

If enough of you can tolerate how this video looks, I'm willing to make another recording with the same Voodoo1 in a 75MHz Pentium (more specifically an underclocked ceramic top 100MHz Pentium) on my Socket 5 system. I also plan to follow up with a Voodoo2 SLI configuration on the Am5x86 whenever I get some more parts.