Super Godzilla The Movie - Part 6
Here's the sixth of Super Godzilla The Movie.

Godzilla carries Mothra, who's still injured but alive, to the tree.

And it looks like Mothra's Larva Stage has come to the end, and she spraying her web to surround her in the cocoon.

As Godzilla's waiting for her Imago stage, he remembers another part of his past of Godzilla witness the kindness of Mothra Lea, and one day in the future, Godzilla and Mothra will become the great Earth Defenders.

But... because of Godzilla's ignorance after being full-grown and was bigger than his father (as 100 meters), and blinded by anger against the humans, those who killed his father, he attacks Mothra Larva without to recognize the offspring Mothra Lea or maybe because he was beaten by some of the monsters, he couldn't even protect Mothra from them.

Ashamed, Godzilla's tears filled his eyes and looking at them, and so he decided to protect Mothra from any monsters he encountered...

Suddenly, he was attacked by Gyaos who seeks to destroy Mothra.

Enraged, Godzilla attacks Gyaos and already defeats him.

And so he's resting as he's waiting for Mothra.

Meanwhile, Dogolas planning to inject Godzilla's and Ghidorah's cells at the ancient monster named Bagan, he will be invisible to destroy Godzilla and rules the earth.

In the night, Mothra has reached to her Imago form, and she can sense another Insect monster known as Megaguirus, who's heading to Tokyo to destroy humans.

But Mothra's heading in the same direction and tries to stop Megaguirus... all by herself.

I know there aren't lots of action but added some of the drama scenes.

By the way, this is the first part where the models of Godzilla and Mothra from GODZILLA The Game on PS3/PS4 appears.

Gotta admit it was fun to animate them on MMD.

Hope you like it.