My 386 Computer in Action
"Belle the Beluga" created by Seanatar

A sort of successor to a six year old video nobody wanted, featuring another configuration that is probably unfitting for the 386DX, including the following specs:

Biostar MB-1333/40UCQ-B with Onboard Am386 DX-40
IIT 3C87-40 40MHz FPU
16MB 30-pin 60ns Parity RAM
Tseng Labs ET4000/W32i with 1MB VRAM
Adaptec AHA-1540 SCSI Controller
ESS AudioDrive ES1688 (SB Pro Compatible)
128KB Onboard Cache RAM

But hey, it works... at least when it does. Some 16-bit programs seem to regularly cause crashes no matter what timing settings I use, and I get the feeling it could just be the result of badly seated memory. With plenty of RAM installed, a 386DX system is by no means a miracle machine, but it is fairly competent with Windows 95. If anything, it's comparable to that 40MHz 486DX system I installed Windows 95 onto in 2012, well before I made extreme upgrades to that system which are showcased in My 486 Computer in Action.

As I get the hardware configuration on this system tidied up and obtain more 386/486 hardware, I'm hoping to include these platforms in more of my videos down the road. When that time comes, I should also be well equipped for covering beta versions of Windows from the early 90's using authentic setups once the Blue OS Museum is ready to roll out more videos. Enjoy!