Government and Corporate Censorship Will Stifle Independent Artists Freedom Of Expression
Hello everyone, I am sorry I am straying from my usual route of just playing games or talking about Pokemon. But these things needed to be talked about, whether they came across to you the same way it did for me. Doesn't matter, people need to see what has become of this platform and what it will continue to be if it goes down this route.

Politicians use the mainstream media to suppress content creators on these sites

List of censored Youtube channels throughout history

Machine Learning to flag content that they deem is against youtubes guidelines

Machine Learning used to constitute suppression of extremist content under vague guidelines

Vague community guidelines terms to suppress what others refer to as conspiracy channels

Youtubes Algorithm picks and chooses who's more authoritative for mainstream content aside from creators

Phillip Defranco threatened to leave the platform for demonetizing his channel so severly

Youtube attempted to throttle Pewdiepie's channel due to controversy regarding his language

Media attempts to paint the picture of celebrity fame and uses this to defame and attack him on a daily basis. This is just one of many examples

European Union is attempting to silence other creators for competing with other media giants

COPPA Law and the rules and regulations behind the United States in an attempt to try and supress other competitors despite their being changes after direct pressure from community members

New York Times suggests ecnrypted protection for all users in the public square to protect from suppresion of these tech giants

New York Post poses the question on whether this will kill tech giant's business on the regulation of free speech online

The constitution to those afforded to the citizen of the United States

Noam Chomsky on how corporate censorship is done

MistyChronexia - AnimeReviewer
Has threads detailing his suppression from the copyright directive. Strikes are hitting his channel to the point of closure.

MattPatt - GameTheory
Details the affects Coppa will have on content creators worldwide and their freedom to express themselves online

Markiplier - Gaming Youtuber
Explains how upset he is about the fact that the "Machine Learning" algorithm is getting rid of and striking his viewers as they use emotes to vote live on his streams.

The truth of the matter is, even though we are aware Coporate Censorship is here, there is no true way to combat it. At least not without activism and with the best intentions regarding less regluations but rather innovative solutions to companies that suppress this speech every year on a constant basis.


One way we can do this is by having our constituents in government pass laws that will restrict/boycott these tech giants from lobbying since most of these politicians loyalties relies most heavily on the corporation and their reach to every content creator's news/reviews/commentary

There has to be a law that will not regulate these companies out of business but still retain people's right to freedom of expression online. We must have dialogue and we must combat this flagrant and defamatory practice on both levels


Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research.