The Myth of Late Stage Capitalism
Late stage capitalism is a Myth.

Its a myth perpetuated by socialists, communists, and marxists - in the hopes that repeating such a notion will bring it into being. Its a near universally known economic principle that faith in the economy is key to driving strong economic growth - and a lack of faith can kill the markets.

People pulling money out of the stock market and withdrawing all they have from the bank, then leads to an economic depression, which allows for authoritarian figures to capitalize on fear and uncertainty. Much like FDR did during the Great Depression, there are plenty who understand the one simple fact of life: the easiest people to manipulate, are fearful and anxious.

And so, the notion of "Late Stage Capitalism" continues to be repeated by left wing psychopaths all over the web, who operate on one of two assumptions. Firstly, its a great fantasy that can be used to make lots of money. Just like doomsday preppers, predicting the downfall of society is a great way to gain attention and sell books. Secondly, some people actually believe it.

They're foolish enough to believe utopia will come when the US economy collapses, and have their fingers crossed waiting for that day. Its sad really, how dreadfully uninformed they are.

Everyone needs something to believe in, even if its a cult of naysayers and disbelievers, everyone needs something to believe in.

Its likely that I'll be receiving hateful comments from people who believe in this communist myth with all their heart, and that's okay. The truth hurts. I don't blame them for their zealous disbelief. I only hope they'll wake up to their folly. Rather than obsess about your pet doomsday scenario, you ought to focus on making the present day a better place. You hear me you crazed socialists?! Altruism! Try it some time!