Doom Wads #1 -- D4T (De4th Foretold)
Fire Blades
Fire Blades
DISCLAIMER: The content shown in this video is fictional gore. None of the footage shown is in real life.

Hello everyone!

I thought that I would most likely be reuploading video's from Youtube on this. I DON'T want to do that, and so I thought that to make this different from Youtube, I'd make an exclusive series on both platforms! On here, I will attempt to do a wad showcase, starting with D4T, which is a "mod" for Doom 2 that puts Doom 2016 mechanics and weapons into Doom 2. On Youtube, I will attempt to do some Doom multiplayer (deathmatch) on there using the ZDaemon client. I will put the links to both of these and Youtube down below.
Also the video may be a bit laggy. That is because I was trying to use OBS to record and my computer sucks. Also you can notice a *tiny* bit of audio delay. That's because of the previous reason and I used Sony Vegas to fix it but there is still some audio delay if you listen closely. If you have any suggestions of what other recording software I should use put it down in the comments.

Also I have a Patreon. I made this because I want to profit off of my videos, but it's going to take a long while to get monetized on either of these platforms, so the link to that is down below