[FNAF SFM] Secret car minigame REMIX (Smashing Windshields) - by SayMaxwell
WAIT!! Nooby_TNT made something that's not creepy like the old days?, well yes, I'm just taking a break of the whole creepy/gory animations.

Due to the COPPA thing thats going on yt and personal ressons this video is gonna be the last animation on my channel, at least for a while.

Also I recommend you to watch my first attempt of this song, just to see what could have been :D
Hey Nooby_TNT here, you probably know me as the guy who made that "_xXbl4ckRabb1t_Xx Remix Animation" and uuuh.. you know, I'm still kinda disappointed of that video. It could have been so much better if I didn't rushed so badly or reused old shots from 2017-18. People saw that video and tought it was good, when to me is just decent at most. Really pissed me of, that a "decent animation" has over 500k views, I really think that I don't deserve that amount of views or atention when people under 2k subs are way more talented and skilled than me, like Glyph, lolbite1987, Glitron, Midi just to name a few. For this reasson I wanted to make an animation with a secret ending 2k subs wordy (that's what I had at the time) aaaaaaannnd theeeeenn FNAF 4 SONG by MiatriSs was created, but it wasn't that great either. I was a bit stressed and wanted to make a Shadow.B Minigame remix V2.0 but with a different song and better animation, and then this video was borned, still not perfect but I enjoy it more at least. After almost 150 shots with +100 models in some of them, after one failed animation, after 6 months of work (actually no, more like 3-4 months, but the idea of making an animation started 6 months ago), cancelled animations, shorts and collab parts, IS FINALLY HERE!!!!... I hope it was worth the wait :)
►STORY/EXPLANATION if you didn't understand the video◄

William Afton is in purgatory, where he has to drive trough worlds created by his children and his own trauma. Each world shows distortioned moments of his life that lead him to his demise. First William remembers how he killed the kids and how he used the animatronics as his own benefit. Then he is teleported into a Neon 80s style museum where is displaying the afton family as the main atraction (statue of the A.Family, William being springlocked and his children deaths). Then he enters into a atari/ness type of world where he is followed by the Withereds and kills 5 cars that are mimicing the MCU. After that experience, he is attacked by Withered Bonnie, Withered Mangle and Giant versions of FNAF 1 Chica & Freddy. He escapes sucesfully but enters into a theater with Marionette as a Puppeteer controling a William puppet/Voodoo doll showing his "death" after being traped by the springlock suit. Thanks to the Voodoo doll, William transforms into Springtrap.Once he goes through the green portal, he teleports into space where has to play a classic space minigame with helpy as the final boss. Once Helpy is defeated, he enters to ffps minigame map where Scrap Baby, Scraptrap and Molten Freddy try to stop William to reach the exit wich lead to HE*̵͇̀~̴̟̆̃ . At the end his children, Mike, Crying child and Elizabeth are waiting for him to finally get what they deserve...

ye really weird story and you probably won't understand the video anyways lol
Secret Ending (a little more dificult this time):
This video has a secret ending in case you didn't notice. Rules and all the information about it will be on this video: https://youtu.be/Zwax2pPShRU

Purple car with VHS effect: Oobleck (https://youtu.be/gLEaLmXizzI?t=174)
Black lights: Henry Selick & Tim Burton (Oogie Boogie Song - Nightmare before Christmas)
1st Minigame: Konami (Road Fighter - NES)
2nd Minigame: Activition (Dragster:The Duel - Atari 2600)
8bit Atari sprites: Nova_Prospector (https://www.reddit.com/r/fivenightsat...)
Half screen: ??? (srry I couldn't find the poster)
Soul transforming into eyes: GeckoFrog (https://youtu.be/XxWAL8RtBgE?t=60)
Puppet being a puppeteer: RobolimeV2 (https://youtu.be/r9WLpTeCfF0?t=85)

♪iTunes: https://goo.gl/F7ZAXs
♪Spotify: https://goo.gl/JC7cgf
♪Google Play: https://goo.gl/rQ9P5o
♪Remix by SayMaxwell: https://www.youtube.com/user/sacgen88...
►Original video: https://youtu.be/zb9_PyhpolY
►Original Song by Lion Riskin
●FNaF by Scott Cawthon
●Animation by me

●Source Filmmaker
●Sony Vegas