SpongeBob Edited - Dumped
Larry and Rex guilt SpongeBob into giving Gary 24-hour refrigerator access.

-New Clips-

Intro music: "Always Worth It" by Bryan Beller
"I'm gonn' bust your ass": Atomic Bomberman outtakes
"Oh dear": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethdinner"
"Fuck" (0:26): Carlin On Campus (George Carlin)
"Bitch" (0:27): South Park, "Pinewood Derby" deleted scene
Evil laugh: "Logic Bomb" by The Algorithm
Bounce (0:28): "Smells Like Nirvana" by Weird Al
Grunt (0:34): "A Dark Horizontal" by Archspire
Splat, scream: Metalocalypse, episode "Dethdinner"
"A bitch": "Stick it Out" by Frank Zappa
Scraping (0:42): "The Duel" (Doomstar Requiem soundtrack)
"What the hell": Blazing Saddles
"Hell yeah!": "Three 6" by Attila
"Bison": Male Bison fight for Harem (BBC Earth)
"What?" (1:05): Hotel Mario Dubbed by Original Voice Actor
"I wanna be on you": Anchorman
"And sucks like a hoover": "My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada" (Avenue Q)
Weird laugh (1:19): "My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada" (Avenue Q)
Gibberish (1:28): Archspire Shreds
"Shove my arm up my [...] ass": 24thPowerProductions' "Sailor Mouth" dub
"Taught me how to live my life as it should be": "Jesus Is My Friend" by Sonseed
"Killed": "Daddy Ding Dong" by Tenacious D
"It's too expensive": The Supermarket is Too Expensive (David Firth)
Spitoon noise: "Remote Tumour Seeker" by Archspire
"C'mon biatch": Atomic Bomberman outtakes
"It alright": The Family Simp (Ukinojoe)
"Fuck" (2:01): "Some Time Ago..." (Doomstar Requiem soundtrack)
"Self-taken masturbation": Metalocalypse, episode "Breakupklok"
"Christ!": Superfuckers, episode "Sweet Baby Jesus"
"Back seat of my Cadillac": "Heaven's in the Back Seat of My Cadillac" by Hot Chocolate
"Interspecies erotica": Clerks 2
"600 mile long penis mansion": Drew Pickles Goes to Cheez TV (SavageBoy69)
"One, two, three, four, five, mothafucka go!": "Daddy Ding Dong" by Tenacious D
Layered fart sounds: Drew Pickles' Ass Speaks (GirlaPurpleHeart)
"Die" (2:46): Legend of Zelda - Wand of Gamelon
Growl (2:56): "The Mimic Well" by Archspire
Laugh (3:02): "What What in the Butt" by Samwell
Yell (3:04): Superfuckers, episode "Sweet Baby Jesus"
"Sexually molest": Bino the Elephant (FilmCow)
Evil laugh (3:16): "Daddy Ding Dong" by Tenacious D
"Go play in traffic": "Go Play in Traffic" by Dave Rudolf
"What the fuck?" (3:37): Superfuckers, episode "Dawn of Omnizod"
"Hey bro": I Sit Down When I Pee (Tim & Eric)
"For the love of God": Rejected (Don Hertzfeldt)
"Wheee!" (4:28): 24thPowerProductions' "Sailor Mouth" dub
"Jackin' my dick off": "Under the Influence" by Eminem
"Right now": 24thPowerProductions' "Your Shoe's Untied" dub
"Bye bye": "You are Dead" (Total Distortion soundtrack)
"The World May Never Know": Tootsie Pop commercial
"Ejaculate onto": Metalocalypse, episode "Motherklok"
"This little bitch": Superfuckers, episode "Scrimple's Delight"
"In heat": Superfuckers, episode "Sweet Mystery"
"I await your decision": "Ishnifus and the Challenge" (Doomstar Requiem soundtrack)
"No!" (5:36): Toki in Charge of Snacks (Metalocalypse Season 3 DVD)
"How could you do this to me?": The Room
Groan (5:44): The Room
"That settles it": The Jetsons, episode "Miss Solar System"
"I'm afraid the answer is": "How Can I be a Hero?" (Doomstar Requiem soundtrack)
"See ya later": 24thPowerProductions' "Sailor Mouth" dub
"Fuck me": Scarface
Porn music (6:01): "D-Grade Fuck Movie Jam" by The Aristocrats
"Animal": "The Alternative Polka" by Weird Al
"Ooh, I could fuck a horse!": Superfuckers, episode "Burger Brothers"
"That" (6:18): Superfuckers, episode "Hero's Destiny"
"Smug arrogant bastard": Superfuckers, episode "Hero's Destiny"
"Suck a constipated goat's dick": "Suck My Dog's Dick" by Wesley Willis
"Stick out your hot curly weenie": "Stick it Out" by Frank Zappa
"You!" (6:54): "Crank That" (Soulja Boy cover) by I Set My Friends on Fire
Music (6:57): "Overclock" by The Algorithm
"Dongus": Check it Out! With Dr. Steve Brule, episode "Relationships"
"To my": "Fuck Yo-Yo Ma" by Tenacious D
Riff (7:27): "Death to All but Metal" by Steel Panther
Laugh (7:29): Superfuckers, episode "Big Ambition"
"Eeyuchh": Metalocalypse, episode "Dethzazz"
Yell (7:53): "Habitual Line Stepper" by Periphery (isolated Vocals)
"I'm quite scared right now": hremail3184 (Homestar Runner)
Eating noises (8:05): Cookie Monster compilation
"Shut up I'll fuck you up!": "Right Now" by Korn
"Hoo... ha... hoo... ha...": "Bloodlines" by Dethklok (isolated vocals)
"Whack[...] off in my toolshed": Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
Yell (8:24): "Gilded Cunt" by Cradle of Filth
"Jerk off to this baby right here": 24thPowerProductions' "Your Shoe's Untied" dub
"Choke on my shit": "Grotesque Impalement (Radio Disney version)" by Andy Rehfeldt
Yell (9:10): "A Change of Seasons" by Dream Theater
"You can blow me": "Applesauce Ballad of the Pet Tuba" by Andrew Huang (Songs to Wear Pants To)
"Doggy" (9:29): Flex Tape commercial
"Do it doggy-style": "The Bad Touch" by The Bloodhound Gang
"Holes": Space Balls
"Here it fucking comes": 24thPowerProductions' "Your Shoe's Untied" dub
Yell (9:51): "Houmous" by Igorrr
"On me": "Take On Me" (A-ha cover) by Brian Posehn
"Fuck" (10:10): Deadwood swears
"Fo'get about it": "Elmo's Got a Gun" by Tommy and Rumble
"Harem": Metalocalypse, episode "Writersklok"
"You're making yourself look pathetic": "Everybody to the Limit (Live)" (Strong Bad Sings)
"Sorry asshole!": 24thPowerProductions' "Your Shoe's Untied" dub
"Buttsex": "Russia's Gay" by Rucka Rucka Ali
"Starfish": Charlie the Unicorn 3 (FilmCow)
"Suck my balls": "Satellites" by Periphery
"Fuck" (11:17): Hotel Mario Dubbed by Original Voice Actor
"Holy shit! He ate it.": 24thPowerProductions' "Nasty Patty" dub
Wheeze (11:35): Look at this Dude (XX_Eric_XX)
"So we can stick our dicks in it": Superfuckers, episode "Cute Rump"