My First Drawing Video: How To Draw Madison Nyaire
Dr Volk
Dr Volk
Originally Uploaded: November 19th, 2016

My first ever video uploaded in 2016! This video was actually made privately for Sapphmallow back in the day, but the file was too large to send on Discord Lite (Sapph gets bad memories from the actual platform name) -- and once again I had no idea what an unlisted video was, sooo it ended up going public

As my first drawing video, it has a few problems:
I had no tripod, so I held the camera in 1 hand while drawing with the other, which led to obscuring shots and... other nonsense
Not the best commentary, but certainly better than Transformice commentary
Poor Lighting

BUT! I didn't scream~ So your ears are saved, everyone!

Watch as 14 year old me draws my character, Madison Nyaire in this first real-time drawing video~ (Don't worry, I've gotten much better since then)


*Please, no foul language in the comments. This is a family-friendly channel*

See the full drawing here:

Thumbnail Font: "My First Crush - Thin" by Vanessa Bays -

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