How to install MS-DOS by hand and create a custom installation CD-ROM
MS-DOS 5 and 6 are usually installed with a set of floppy disks and a colorful setup utility, but DOS is a very simple operating system by nature. All you really need for a complete working system is the an active FAT16 partition, two core system files, and the command interpreter. You can install DOS however you want, with as many or as few programs as desired, using almost any type of source medium, and creating any default configuration that is ideal for you.

To make installing MS-DOS 6.22 more convenient, you can do some trickery to combine an uncompressed installation of this operating system from the three install disks into a single, high speed CD-ROM. That's not even putting a dent in the total capacity of a CD, so you can add a whole bunch more things normally coming from floppies to the same disc, such as the setup files for Windows 3.1x. With this, entire software installations can completed in a matter of seconds rather than several minutes, and there's no need to swap floppy disks.

The possibilities are endless. You can create more elaborate scripts to provide yourself with greater convenience and flexibility in installing MS-DOS, as well as create live CDs or install this operating system from a network share. It's even possible to install a so-called "MS-DOS 7.1" using files from Windows 95 OSR2. Get creative, try a whole bunch of different ideas!