Dark Souls III Cosplays pt.3 (reupload)
this was a reupload from my youtube channel, but since i purged my content from there this is the only upload now

Dragonslayer Setinel (male)

Ruin Helm
Dragonslayer Armor
Smoughs Gauntlets
Leggings of Favor

Executioner of Lothric

thrall hood
Black iron armor
havels gauntlets
black knight leggings

Bandit Kingslayer

Wolnirs crown
brigand armor
sellsword gauntlet

Forgotten King

xanthous crown
grave warden robe
brigand gauntlets
dragonscale waistcloth

Paladin of Lloyd

cleric hat
herald armor
iron bracelets
evangelist trousers

Undead Legion Mercenary

follower helm
undead legion armor
follower gloves
northern leggings

Oath Bound Knight

cathedral helm
knight armor
silver knight gauntlets
iron leggings

Lothric Loyal Guard

steel soldier helm
lothric knight armor
lothric knight gauntlets
hard leather boots

the Bounty Hunter

executioner helm
exile armor
havels gauntlets
black leather boots

Iron Maiden

exile mask
armor of thorns
iron dragonslayer gauntlets
black iron leggings

Dragonslayer Setinel (female)

dragonslayer helm
ruin armor
smoughs gauntlets
dragonslayer leggings

Scholar Graduate

old sorcerer hat
candestine coat
hard leather gauntlets
black witch trousers

Irithylls Guardian

outrider knight helm
pontiff knight armor
dancers gauntlets
fire witch leggings

Brute Viking

millwood knight helm
desert pyromancer garb
havels gauntlets
northern leggings

Pyromancer's Apprentice

conjurator hood
pyromancer garb
worker gloves
deserter trousers

darkmoon associate

crown of dusk
sunless armor
sliver knight gauntlets
silver knight leggings

Skillful Ninja

thief mask
shadow garb
eastern gloves
leather boots

Wandering Silver Knight

silver knight helm
wolf knight armor
ringed knight gauntlets
iron dragonslayer leggings